Big Bud Strain

PARENT STRAINS:Crossed Afghani and Northern Lights with Skunk #1.
aka:BC Big Bud
INDICA OR SATIVA:85/15 Indica Dominant Strain
CREATED BY:Sensi Seeds Netherlands
FLOWERING TIME:56-63 days.
ready for HARVEST:Mid October.
average THC CONTENT%23-26%
INDOOR YIELD:17 oz/ m2
OUTDOOR YIELD:21 oz/ plant.

What Strain Is Big Bud?

Is Big Bud Sativa Or Indica?

Big Bud is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (85%Indica/15%Sativa). Found its way in the 1980s to the Netherlands to escape Raegan’s war on drugs. Indica lovers who are looking for a flower thats high yielding with high THC content. Terpene profile is dominated by myrcene which is responsible for the earthy, musky aroma, and caryophyllene which adds a spicy kick. Won High Times Cannabis Cup in 1989 with effects that can be felt pretty quickly, so it is important to start with a low dose and see how you react. Big bud strain high makes you feel relaxed and happy, but it also gives you energy and focus. Popular marijuana strain for creative endeavors like painting or writing. It will not disappoint you.

Big Bud Strain Info:

The lineage is a cross between Afghani, Northern Lights and Skunk #1 cannabis strains bred by Sensi Seeds in Amsterdam.



Buds are typically large and dense, with light green leaves and rich orange hairs. You’ll also see a prominent layer of crystal trichomes resin


Flavor profile of big bud weed strain is sweet and spicy, with hints of fruit and citrus. There are also some bitter notes that come through on the exhale.


Potent, musky odor is a distinctive feature of big bud weed. Scent is primarily earthy and herbal, with undertones of pepper and spice. Some users even get a peppery and woody aroma, with faint undertones of earth and grass.

Is Big Bud Potent?

Mostly, energizing, calming and eased. Comes on very quickly, within one to three minutes. You feel like you can take on any situation. You’ll be able to think clearly and make decisions. Senses may become more acute. Cerebral at first, leading to a wave of euphoria and relaxation. These feelings continue until they fade into a couch lock. Dry eyes and dry mouth are negative side effect so have some eye drops and drinks ready.


Used by those suffering from chronic pain, such as back, joint pain, and arthritis. While many people opt for prescription painkillers, which are highly addictive, this flower provides a much healthier alternative. Can help many other ailments, such as cluster headaches, anxiety depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. These are suggestions and are not intended as professional medical advice.


Cannabis seeds can be grown outdoors and indoors. It is important to note that this plant requires a bit more attention than some other plants. Resistant to mold and mildew, which makes it a popular choice for growers in warm climates. You can grow big bud seeds with Screen of Green growing methods. With proper care, you can expect that this strain grows large, dense buds covered in trichomes. The flowering time is 8-9 weeks while yielding up to seventeen ounces per square meter with an outdoor yield of twenty one ounces per plant. We advise consulting the cannabis community for more grow tips.