Secret Mints Strain

PARENT STRAINS:Crossed Secret Cookies with Kush Mints
aka:Secret Mintz
bred BY:Seed Junky Genetics
INDICA OR SATIVA:70/30 Indica Hybrid
TERPENES:Linalool, Limonene, and trans-Caryophyllene
INDOOR YIELD:600 g/ m2
OUTDOOR YIELD:800 g/ Plant

What Strain Is Secret Mints?

Is Secret Mints Strain Indica Or Sativa?

Secret Mints is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (70% Indica/30% Sativa) known for its well-balanced effects that can produce both a relaxing and euphoric experience. The aroma is sweet and minty, with earthy and spicy undertones. Secret Mints strain flavor profile is similar, with a sweet and creamy taste on the inhale and a minty, spicy exhale. It’s worth noting that more research is needed to fully understand the medical benefits. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that it may have a range of therapeutic uses for those in need.

Secret Mints Strain Info:

The lineage is a cross between Secret Cookies and Kush Mints marijuana strains cultivated by Seed Junky Genetics.


  • Secret Cookies x Kush Mints


Dense, chunky buds that are covered in a thick layer of amber trichomes and orange hairs. These pistils are the reproductive structures of the cannabis plant and are formed in the female flowers.


One of the most notable aspects of the flavor is its balance. The sweet and creamy flavors are perfectly balanced with the earthy and spicy undertones, creating a smooth and enjoyable smoke that is both complex and harmonious. The aroma of Kush Mints weed is minty, with a pungent earthy scent that becomes more pronounced as the buds are broken apart. Some also detect a hint of pine

Secret Mints Strain Effects?

In terms of effects, Kush Mints weed is known for its relaxing and euphoric properties. It can produce a sense of calm and contentment, making it a popular choice for stress relief and relaxation. However, it can also be quite potent, so it’s important to use it in moderation and start with a small amount if you’re new to cannabis. Dry eyes and dry mouth are negative side effect so have some eye drops and drinks ready. These are suggestions and are not intended as professional medical advice.


Start by germinating the seeds using the method of your choice. Thrives in a well-draining soil that is rich in nutrients. Keep the temperature between 70-80°F during the day and 60-70°F at night, and maintain a humidity level of around 50-60%. Secret Mints strain flowering time is 8-9 weeks with outdoor harvest coming in mid October. Pruning and training your plants can help to increase yields and improve overall plant health. Cut the buds off the plant and dry them in a cool, dark place for 5-10 days before trimming and curing them. We advise consulting the cannabis community for more grow tips.