Is a weed dispensary legal in the nation’s capital? The quick answer is of course, the use of recreational cannabis in Washington DC is legal to possess, consume, and gift! However, according to the legislature stores are not yet allowed to sell cannabis directly to the consumer. Due to this, patients are now buying their marijuana from company’s through a what is called “gifting system”. This is how Washington DC cannabis dispensaries operate within the regulations of the state. Buy weed in DC with confidence.

According to Initiative 71, patients and caregivers ages 21+ are allowed to consume cannabis and carry up to two ounces of medical cannabis products in public. Consumers are allowed to give up to 28 grams or one ounce of dc weed to another adult user 21+ years of age. Marijuana is still federally illegal in about 30% of the District including federal property, like parks & official buildings. If caught after a fine an individual can actually go down to the precinct and receive your marijuana back. Just make sure its less then 56 grams or 2 ounces of quality cannabis. Washington DC medical marijuana card programs have started accepting patients for any condition due to an emergency legislation in 2015.

Medical cannabis dispensary locations are now available in the national mall and other districts. Recreational marijuana and medical dispensaries are now offering loyalty programs. Dispensary in the district and smoke shops sell products like flower, concentrates and waxes. Best flower is now available in DC medically and recreationally. DC recreational dispensaries are mostly open till late with some providing dc weed delivery

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