After the approval of Question 1, Maine became the first state to permit the recreational use of marijuana. The new law created a lot of excitement in the State, and it also led to some confusion about how the law would impact existing medical dispensaries and medical marijuana patients.

The State of Maine starting from South Portland has created a two-year program for people who want to open up retail dispensaries, with licenses being awarded on a lottery system. After these two years, other medical dispensaries can apply for retail licenses as well.


Marijuana dispensaries started with an Indica cannabis products: a high THC strain famous for its relaxing effects, with a fruity-floral scent and taste. Then they developed high quality products like Indica+Sativa hybrid, which has the same sweet smell but is energizing enough to encourage people to do creative things. Finally, they created a Sativa dominant strain medical cannabis—the most uplifting and inspiring of all the options—with a citrusy aroma that evokes feelings of happiness and euphoria. None of these recreational cannabis infused strains will give you a headache or make you feel drowsy, so no matter what your preference in cannabis experience is, you can enjoy it without worrying about having to get off the couch later. Dont miss all new marijuana products at medical and recreational dispensaries near you.

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