Boston s first recreational cannabis dispensary locations are now open to Adults 21 years and older who may legally possess & use marijuana. You may give up to 28 grams or 1 ounce to another individual over age the age of 18. No one can consume cannabis in a public places or smoke marijuana where smoking tobacco is not allowed. Consumers don’t have to be a resident of Massachusetts however must present a valid government ID at time of purchase. Berkshire roots and pure oasis are some friendly and knowledgeable marijuana dispensaries which allow to order online high quality cannabis products like pre rolls and fruit chews. Massachusetts medical cannabis is available to individuals with a valid medical card. East coast dispensary offers apply to most chain dispensaries locations. You cannot mail marijuana — its against the law, even to states and countries where cannabis flower is legal. Analyzed and approved it’s also against the law to transport it on a plane, train, boat, or other mode of transportation outside of east Boston and Massachusetts. 

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