Located mainly in Nevada and Arizona and created for the recreational cannabis consumers who are adults 21 years of age and older and those that are medical marijuana patients. Medical cannabis requires a government issued id in Nevada locations. Matthew Morgan is the founder of Reef dispensary and is known previously known for starting management reserves in Arizona and Montana. The most famous reef dispensary locations in Nevada are in Las Vegas, conveniently located right on the strip. This 165,000 square feet facility is easily accessible to everyone. Featured in national media on CNN, ABC News, Vice, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes.


Reef marijuana dispensaries are the home of Wiz Khalifa’s Khalifa Kush, as well as our in-house Tryke line of dried flower strains, infused edibles and all mighty concentrates. Reef dispensary sells a variety of 3rd-party weed flower, gummies and pre roll products, as well as bongs and pipes. Browse the menu build your cart and use promo code first at checkout to redeem online order. Offer valid once per customer per lifetime. You cannot transfer rewards points between Vegas and Arizona locations. Reef Dispensaries offer customer service and a guarantee for their marijuana products and can change unopened packages within 72 hours. Merchandise can also be returned if defective. Keep out of reach of children.

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