Rise dispensary award-winning medical cannabis products for registered medical marijuana patients. RISE dispensaries sell lab-tested cannabis & marijuana infused products for qualified medical patients. Each cannabis dispensary location has an area for users to study and look at products and how they combine this into there daily routine. Rise dispensaries are owned by Green Thumb Industries Inc., a leading US marijuana consumer packaged goods company from Chicago, Illinois. They currently run 65 retail locations across the U.S. and have licenses for 114 in 14 us states, mostly Midwest and East Coast. Green Thumb industries also has 16 growing locations.


Carry around 175 different adult-use flower strains. Anything ranging from edibles, tinctures, to concentrates. You name it, bath bomb and coffee. The prices vary per each marijuana product, but for most dried cannabis you can expect to pay $20 a gram and $60 for 3.5 grams. At Rise marijuana dispensary, cannabis flower is taxed at 10%, edibles at 20%, and most of the other categories at 25%. Offers and discounts are available on most products. Special discounts for veterans and elderly is also available. Some locations offer great curb side delivery.

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