1 Stunna Strain

PARENT STRAINS:Crossed Twisted Velvet with Rozay
bred BY:Relentless Genetics
aka:Stunna #1
INDICA OR SATIVA:50/50 Indica Hybrid
TERPENES:Limonene, Caryophyllene
INDOOR YIELD:550 gr/ m2
OUTDOOR YIELD:650 gr/ Plant

Is # 1 Stunna Strain Indica Or Sativa?

What Strain Is 1 Stunna F3?

1 Stunna is a hybrid strain (50%Indica/50%Sativa) that beautifully balances the best qualities of its parent strains, Twisted Velvet and Rozay, cultivated by Relentless Genetics. Whether you seek relaxation, creativity, or a bit of both, this bud offers a versatile and enjoyable experience. Buds have a dense and compact structure. They are adorned with fiery orange pistils, creating a striking contrast with the purple and green colors of the buds. Beneath the earthy tones, you can expect subtle fruity undertones that add complexity to the flavor. These fruity hints can include notes of berries, citrus, and sometimes tropical fruits, creating a multi-layered taste sensation.

1 Stunna Strain Review:

The lineage is a cross between Twisted Velvet and Rozay marijuana strains created by Relentless Genetics



Like many high-quality marijuana strains, its covered in a layer of glistening trichomes resin and orange hairs. It’s not uncommon to find shades of deep purple running through the leaves and buds. These purple hues can be quite pronounced.


It’s worth mentioning that 1 Stunna weed has a very distinctive aroma. The scent can vary but often includes notes of earthiness, sweetness, and a hint of fruitiness, thanks to its genetic lineage. A prominent earthy flavor as its base note. This earthiness provides a grounded and natural taste

1 Stunna Strain Effects?

Balanced genetics result in a well-rounded set of effects. Users feel both relaxed and uplifted, making it suitable for various occasions. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or boost your sences, 1 Stunna weed strain has you covered. Dry eyes and dry mouth are negative side effect so have some eye drops and drinks ready. These are suggestions and are not intended as professional medical advice.

Grow Journal:

Begin by obtaining high-quality #1 Stunna seeds from a reputable source. You may choose regular or feminized seeds based on your preference. Decide whether you want to grow your plants indoors or outdoors. The choice of medium can vary from soil to hydroponics, depending on your setup.1 Stunna strain has a flowering time of 49-56 days, making it a relatively fast-growing strain. Harvest your #1 Stunna plants when the buds have reached their peak maturity. This is often indicated by the appearance of amber trichomes. Trim and dry the buds in a controlled environment.