A weed grinder is a tool used to chop up and break apart your marijuana into smaller pieces in order to evenly distribute it on your joint, blunt, bong, or other smoking apparatus. Weed grinders are commonly made with a variety of materials including metal/steel, wood, glass/pyrex, and often polycarbonate. Metal grinders are more durable but tend to be much heavier than polycarbonate ones. Glass grinders are just that – clear glass usually shaped like a diamond. Wood grinders are often made from another type of hardwood such as maple or cherry. Sometimes weed grinders have a kief chamber at the bottom where you can collect your bits of kief for an extra kick!


There are many advantages to using a weed grinder for your marijuana. First of all, it is much more economical than smoking joints. A personal weed grinder can help bring out the highest quality of your herb. While joints are not bad, they are more likely to burn unevenly, wasting more of your herb as it burns away, and making it harder to enjoy all that you have.

The bottom line is that weed grinders make smoking easier and more convenient in many ways: When you grind your weed, you will notice smoother and better quality smoking experience. This is because ground herb has no plant matter or foreign objects that would otherwise block the pipe.


Depending on what the user is looking for, there are different kinds of weed grinders on the market. Small hand grinders which are mostly used for herbs, and electric grinders that can be used to quickly separate marijuana bud from its stems and seeds. Different materials are being used for the construction of these grinders like plastic, wood, steel, titanium, aluminum and ceramic. This is why it is important to learn more details about them before making a purchase .

Plastic Grinders:

Perfect accessory for any marijuana enthusiast. Plastic grinders are lighter and less expensive than the aluminium ones, but tend to break easily if dropped. Come in different colors with a removable top for easy cleaning, and are often known as Pop Top Grinders due to the unique lid that will pop open. These grinders are used to make filling your pipe, bubbler or bong with marijuana easier. Simply put your weed into the grinder, twist it closed and then add it to your preferred smoking device. The distinct ridges on these grinders allow you to keep more bud in your grinder at one time, minimizing how many times you need to refill.

Metal Grinders:

Santa cruz shredder has many of the same components as a wooden grinder, including the kief catcher and teeth to break up your herb. This metal grinder is strong and heavy duty. It has stainless steel interlocking teeth that won’t fall out. The pollen screen and kief catcher are easily cleaned and will last. While generally more expensive than other grinders, metal grinders are especially good for smokers who prefer something sturdier.

Wooden Grinders:

Hand crank Separates the flower from the inside and outside of the buds, resulting in fluffy ground plant material, while preserving all of the THC and CBD within the bud. It has a one, two or three piece design – an upper chamber holds your bud, while below two grinding pieces rub together with a twist to grind up your weed into a fine consistency , ready for rolling into joints or packing into bowls. The wooden body fits into most cigarette packs, allowing you to bring all of your supplies with you, wherever you go.

Electric Grinders:

These have changed the lives of marijuana smokers. Electric grinders used to be item that were seen only in the movies or on television. However, they are now an essential piece of equipment for anyone who uses marijuana to treat pain, stress or any other condition. It features a high-torque 250W motor, titanium coated blades, and a removable storage compartment. It also comes with several accessories for grinding and storage, including a pollen press for making hash and kief, a two piece potpourri collector, four cleaning brushes, and a scoop pick.

A great way to turn even the smallest buds into an even powdery substance that can be mixed with cooking butter, oils and other substances that can be easily ingested by putting it into baked goods like cookies or brownies.


Two-piece grinder:

  • Push the buds in the teeth or pegs, closing the two lids together; try not to place in the centre, because this is where the magnet turns, break down cannabis bud from stems and other unusable material.
  • Rotate the two closed sections counter clock wise from each other until the turns became easy or you see the nugs separated from the stems. This will usually take a minute or a couple full rotations.
  • Unscrew the two pieces and dump out the material into a your bowl or a pipe. Your ready to go. Fast and Easy.


Kief is the crystallized version of trichomes, or resin glands, found on female cannabis plants. This waxy, sticky substance contains high concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids. Made from packing dry sift or fine mesh within a grinder, allowing the precious trichomes to fall through and collect in a compartment called kief chamber.

It can be used in a number of different ways, and can even be sprinkled on top of edibles like cannabis brownies or added to top off bowls. While you can use regular kitchen utensils like butter knives to scrape kief out of your grinder, it’s nicer to have a little bit of specialized equipment.


You can buy a weed grinder almost anywhere. There are three big places to look; grow shops, head shops, and online shops. Grow shops are geared towards growing your herbs or veggies indoors. They have grow lights and hydroponic stuff. Head shops are centred around smoking, ranging from pipes to bongs to cigarettes, this goes for blunts too. Online is the best way to go for those without stores near them. It’s usually cheaper than buying online, plus you get special deals on great products that you can’t find in a regular stores.


The amount you pay for a weed grinder depends on the quality of the materials and the size of the grinder. The prices typically in the range of $30 to $200. Some grinders have additional features like kief catcher and magnetic lids. For the best grinding experience, an electric grinder is worth the investment.


Learning how to clean a weed grinder is an important step toward keeping your supply potent and enjoyable. It is important to clean your grinder regularly because a build-up of resin will make it hard to turn over and harder to grind. Resin can also ruin the paintwork of your grinder. If you have a removable tray, remove it from the grinder, disassembling the grinder and soak it overnight in household cleaner. Mix warm water with isopropyl alcohol and salt and or baking soda, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and soak the parts of the grinder for 30 minutes. Rinse it thoroughly with hot water and dry with a paper towel. You can also throw your grinder in the freezer until the resin falls off.

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