Weed Strain Information

Genetics: Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in 1785 wrote about the second subspecies from the Cannabaceae family called cannabis indica. This subspecies originates in India, Afghanistan and Turkey regions and thrives in temperate climate of Hindu Kush mountains. Plant appearance: An annual plant that grows 2-4 feet in height producing broad wide leaves with buds covered in orange pistils. Indica plants grow quicker and yield a bigger harvest then sativa plants. Average THC to CBD ratio: CBD levels are higher in pure indica vs sativa strains but tend to have a lower THC percentage. THC is the main psychoactive component in cannabis. Full bodied effects: Indica weed strains are known for providing a relaxing body high which can be used to manage insomnia and chronic pain. Consumption: Due to couch locking properties and heavy euphoria, indica dominant strains are mainly used in the nighttime.