Orange 43 Strain

What Strain Is Orange 43 Indica Or Sativa?

Orange 43 is an indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain (70%Indica/30%Sativa) with high THC levels and a low CBD content. Its flavors and aromas are dominated by a fresh, citrusy orange scent, but some users also detect a touch of pine in the mix. Orange 43 strain has a steady balance of both sativa and indica and can be found on the market in both flower and concentrate form. It’s great for waking up in the morning or for getting through the afternoon slump, but we don’t recommend it for nighttime because of just how energetic it can make you feel. May also have medical applications, including chronic pain and inflammation.

Orange 43 Strain Info:

The lineage is a crossing White Fire 43 and Orange weed strains bred by Franchise Genetics .


  • White Fire 43 x Orange strains


Fluffy heart-shaped minty green buds with deep purple leaves. These nugs are covered in orange hairs and a thick frosty layer of white trichomes crystal resin.


Distinctively citrusy flavor that is both sweet and sour thanks to the terpene limonene, which is also found in lemons. The diesel notes come through with hints of fuel and rubber, but they blend well with the sweeter earthy spicy flavors to create an overall pleasant taste experience.


In terms of aroma profile, you can expect the same citrusy burst when you smoke or vape orange 43 weed strain.

Orange 43 Strain Effects:

Orange 43 Strain Effects:

The high from these average thc levels is known to be strong and fast-acting, hitting users as soon as they exhale their first puff. This calming effect can cause users to have happy thoughts and may put them in a positive mood. Users describe experiencing euphoria and relaxation. Dry eyes and dry mouth are negative side effects, so have some eye drops and drinks ready.


While it can be great for those who struggle with depression or anxiety, it has strong mood-lifting effects, so it may not be the best choice for those with bipolar disorder or PTSD. It’s also not a good choice if you have sleep problems because it’s known to make some people alert, though others find it helpful in that regard. These are suggestions and are not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Orange 43 Strain Grow Info:

Cannabis seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors, with a flowering period of 8-9 weeks and an outdoor harvest time of mid October. Growing marijuana indoors yields seventeen ounces per square meter with an outdoor yield of upwards of eighteen ounces per plant. For best results we recommended to grow orange 43 seeds in warm and semi humid temperature ranges with often pruning.


  • indoor yield is 17 ounces per square meter
  • outdoor yield is 18 ounces per plant

Suitable for Screen of Green growing methods. We advise consulting the cannabis community for more grow tips.