Purple Skittles Strain

PARENT STRAINS:Crossed classic Purple Punch with Zkittlez strains.
full bodied EFFECTS:Body high | cerebral buzz | couch lock | head high
MEDICAL CONDITIONS:Pain relief | Chronic stress | Appetite loss | Muscle spasms
SMELL:Earthy | Herbal | Spicy | Sweet
TERPENE PROFILE:Beta-caryophyllene | Beta-myrcene | Terpinolene
TASTE:Berry | Candy | Fruity | Grape
FLOWERING TIME:56-63 days.
ready for HARVEST:Mid October.
average THC CONTENT%12-14%
INDICA or sativa:60/40 INDICA strain
INDOOR YIELD:23 oz/ m2
OUTDOOR YIELD:26 oz/ plant.
SIMILAR varieties:Grape ape strain

What Strain Is Purple Zkittlez?

Is Purple Skittles Indica Or Sativa?

Purple zkittlez is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid strain (60%Indica/40%Sativa) created with high THC levels and a low CBD content. If you’re looking for a marijuana strain that’s anything but ordinary, Purple zkittlez strain is the way to go. This hybrid strain is known for its sweet and fruity flavor profile and its ability to make you feel happy, euphoric, and relaxed. Some patients also report using it to help relieve mild cases of insomnia, though more research still needs to be done in that area before it can be fully recommended by doctors.

Purple Skittles Strain Info:

The lineage is a cross between Purple Punch and Zkittlez weed strains bred by Ethos Genetics .



Spade-shaped dark green buds with dark purple leaves. These nugs are covered in orange hairs and a thick frosty layer of white trichomes crystal resin.


This hybrid tastes like grapes, berry, and fruit. It has a slightly sweet flavor that reminds some people of candy—hence the name!


The aroma of purple skittles weed strain is very similar to its profile: grape, berry, and fruit. Some users say it also smells like candy or skittles!

Purple Skittles Strain Effects:

Known for its powerful effect. It starts with a rare euphoria that’s almost cerebral, followed by a powerful body high that will leave you feeling like you’re floating along on a cloud of warmth and relaxation. It’s great for when you’re feeling stressed out or overwhelmed—you can easily slip into a state of blissful tranquility and forget about all your worries. Dry eyes and dry mouth are negative side effects, so have some eye drops and drinks ready.


If you’re looking for an indica strain that treats both physical and mental ailments at once, medical cannabis patients this could be your new best friend. Popular for those who are looking to treat depression and anxiety issues. This hybrid can help with things like chronic pain and stress thanks to its relaxing properties. These are suggestions and are not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Purple Skittles Strain Grow Info:

Cannabis seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors, with a flowering period of 8-9 weeks and an outdoor harvest time of mid October. Growing marijuana indoors yields twenty three ounces per square meter with an outdoor yield of upwards of twenty six ounces per plant. For best results we recommended to grow purple skittles seeds in warm and humid temperature ranges with often pruning.


  • indoor yield is 23 ounces per square meter
  • outdoor yield is 26 ounces per plant

Suitable for the Sea of Green and Screen of Green growing methods. We advise consulting the cannabis community for more grow tips.