There has been a lot of discussion about the use of marijuana as a treatment for ADHD. While the research on this topic is still in its infancy, scientists have found that some strains of cannabis may be helpful for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Cannabis can help treat symptoms of ADHD, such as inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. But not all marijuana strains are equally effective at treating ADHD symptoms. In fact, some strains may actually worsen these symptoms! So how do you know which ones to choose?

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most commonly used strains for ADHD and provide recommendations on how to find the best one for your needs.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects millions of people worldwide. The symptoms of ADHD include inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. There are three types of ADHD: predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive/impulsive and combined.

Those with ADHD may have trouble focusing on tasks, organizing their thoughts, following directions or keeping their attention on one thing for long periods of time. They may also be fidgety or squirm in their seat often. They may be unable to wait their turn or interrupt others while they’re speaking. Adults with ADHD can also be easily distracted by background noise or other things going on around them.

“It’s estimated that around 1 in 20 children have ADHD, but it is not always recognized or treated.”

The symptoms of ADHD tend to become apparent by the time children reach school age. However, many do not receive an official diagnosis until later in life when they start having problems at school or home due to their inability to focus for long periods of time on one task at school or work.


It appears that THC, a psychoactive compound in marijuana, binds to receptors in the brain and affects neurotransmitter release. This can help improve attention spans, reduce anxiety, and increase creativity. Are you a medical marijuana patient looking for the best marijuana strains to help with your ADHD symptoms?

If so, you’re in luck! There’s a lot of research on cannabis and ADHD, and there are many different strains that have been shown to be effective at treating symptoms. Check out this list of our top picks:


Annihilator OG strain has an earthy and piney aroma with a hint of lemon or lime. It has been described as having an uplifting effect coming from parent strains Afghani and Death Bubba .This strain is said to provide relief from pain and stress while also helping with insomnia and appetite loss. Can be used in the morning or at night.

The strain’s name is no coincidence; this bud is highly potent and packs a serious punch. Annihilator OG weed strain THC content can range from 18% on average to as high as 27%, so be sure to keep your intake moderate until you know how it will affect your body.

Buds are dense and sticky with an amber-green color and a thick layer of trichomes that add to its potency. It has orange pistils throughout the flower, as well as some light green leaves around the buds themselves.


The buds are a lovely deep green color with orange pistils and white trichomes. The buds themselves have an earthy smell with hints of lemon and pine. When smoked or vaped, the flavor of Chappo churro strain is citrusy with notes of pine and flowers, but not overwhelmingly so. The high hits fast and hard—you’ll feel it in your head first before it spreads through your body—and lasts for about two hours.

Medical patients tend to prefer this cross of El Chapo OG x Churro strains for its ability to relieve both physical and mental ailments without causing any side effects such as paranoia or headaches—which are common among sativa strains but not so much with indica hybrids like GDP or Chocolope!

You can find it in most dispensaries in California, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Washington State, New Mexico and Michigan.


The high from this combination of Alien Orange Cookies and White Recluse created by Terraform Genetics in Southern California can be powerful, but it tends to be more relaxing than stimulating—it may make you feel happy and relaxed without making you sleepy or sedated. Users report feeling focused and energized while smoking it (although some might experience dizziness).

This strain has a sweet flavor with notes of berries and pine. The aroma is strong and earthy, with hints of spice and citrus.

The Jacobs Lattner weed strain is characterized by its large calyxes covered with orange hairs and small leaves that are dark green in coloration with hints of purple underneath them (when grown outdoors). The buds themselves tend to be fairly dense when dried properly after harvest time


Sun Cake weed strain has THC levels between 18% and 24% originating from Sunset Sherbet and Wedding Cake strains, making it an ideal choice for users looking to get energized. The high starts out cerebral, but it can also induce feelings of euphoria and physical relaxation throughout the body. Some users report feeling motivated after smoking this strain, while others say it helps them unwind after a long day at work or school.

This strain has an aroma that is sweet and fruity, with notes of pine and diesel. The taste is similar to its aroma, with notes of fruit and earthy flavors. Sun cake weed strain is most often used by patients suffering from depression, ADD/ADHD and PTSD. It’s also good for those who need help getting through the day when they’re dealing with chronic pain issues like migraines or fibromyalgia—or just plain old aches and pains! These are suggestions and are not a substitute for professional medical advice.


Pink certz weed strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is great for morning use. The flavor of this strain is somewhat sour, with a hint of citrus. Smoke itself is smooth and has no harshness at all, which makes it great for those who like to smoke their cannabis in the morning or afternoon before work. It’s also a good choice for those who don’t want to get too high when they wake up in the morning or after lunch, but still need something to help them relax or focus on work during the day.

The effects from parent strains the menthol and grape gasoline come on slowly but steadily, making this pink certz strain perfect for those looking for something mellow during the day without feeling out of sorts or too high later in the day. The high starts off as more mental than physical (which can be good if you tend toward anxiety), then becomes more physical as it builds. You may feel some couchlock as well as an increase in appetite (which is great if you want to eat something while smoking).


Strain grows tall with long branches that produce large colas. The buds are covered in white trichomes and have an amber coloration. The leaves are light green with orange hairs and purple tips.

Tested at up to 19% THC and 0.1% CBD. The Dark Karma weed strain has a strong smell that will give you a clear indication of what it’s like to smoke it. The taste is similar to the smell: earthy with hints of citrus coming from parent strains Dutch Treat and Strange Love. As you start to feel the effects, they’ll come on fast and strong. You’ll feel energetic with a sense of euphoria as well as an increase in appetite. However, these effects can also be overwhelming if you’re not used to smoking cannabis yet so take it slow until you know what works best for you!


The strain has a sweet taste and can leave you feeling uplifted and energetic. Pink Pussy weed strain should be used with caution, as it can cause paranoia, dizziness, and dry mouth.

The THC content of this og kush relative, has been measured at between 18% and 24%, making it one of the most potent strains available on the market today. The CBD content is negligible at best, with tests showing less than 1%.

Pink Pussy strain has an average flowering time of about 70 days, but some growers have reported finishing the crop in as little as 65 days. The high yield makes this strain worthwhile for those who want to make some extra money from their grow operation. As with all cannabis plants, it’s important to take care of them during the flowering period so they will produce quality buds every time!


A sativa-dominant hybrid (60% sativa/40% indica) strain that was created by crossing Garlic Butter and Orange Julius marijuana strains. It smells like sweet oranges, with a hint of earthy musk and blueberry. The taste is similar to its aroma, with sweet citrus notes that are balanced out by earthy undertones.

As you might expect, orange truffle souffle has a strong body high that starts with a rush of euphoria in the head and spreads throughout the body. This feeling can be very relaxing and even sedating in larger doses. It also comes with a pleasant sense of sedation in the mind, which makes it perfect for treating conditions such as depression or anxiety.

Although orange truffle souffle weed strain is typically used to treat stress-related conditions, it can also be used for mood disorders like bipolar disorder because it will help keep your moods stable throughout the day. This strain has been known to help people who suffer from insomnia because it helps them fall asleep faster than usual but doesn’t make them feel tired during the day.


The average THC level for sherbtane weed strain is between 20% and 25%. This means that even experienced smokers should proceed with caution when consuming this bud—it’ll hit you harder than you might expect! Buds are fairly dense when broken apart so your fingers might get sticky after handling.

Sherbtane strain comes from Sherbert and High Octane strains and is known for its relaxing effects, which make it perfect for treating anxiety, depression, and stress. This strain also provides consumers with an uplifting mood boost and can help them to focus on their work or schoolwork. It’s also great for those who need to unwind after a long day at work or school—the strain will leave you feeling relaxed but uplifted at the same time!


Described as having a sweet smell that is reminiscent of lemonade or fresh-cut grass. Its taste is similar—sweet with notes of citrus, pine, and pineapple. Its derived from parent strains Wifi 43 and Sour Crack by raw gardens.

The high from sci fi 43 weed strain comes on slowly but builds steadily throughout your body until it reaches your head, where you’ll feel relaxed and at ease. You’ll likely feel some euphoria as well—this strain can help relieve anxiety and stress as well as depression, making it a good choice for those suffering from mood disorders like PTSD or bipolar disorder.

This sci fi 43 strain is heavy on the flowers: it has a dense, frosty bud structure that’s covered in trichomes and leaves your fingers sticky after handling it. The buds are light green with orange pistils that glisten in the light.

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