Best Weed Strains For Migraines

Migraines can be tricky to treat. Though there are several over-the-counter medications on the market, many people are wary of using them, due to possible side effects. A popular alternative is medical marijuana. Anecdotal evidence suggests that marijuana can treat specific symptoms of a migraine and prevent others from occurring. However, with so many different strains available at dispensaries and online, it can be difficult to pick the right one. This guide will help you find the most effective strain for your specific needs.

What Causes Migraines?

Migraines can be caused by a variety of factors, many of which are outside of your control. The most common causes include an imbalance in brain chemicals, changes in the brainstem, and genetics.

Brain Chemicals:

Imbalances in certain brain chemicals, or neurotransmitters, can cause migraines. These include serotonin, which helps control pain in your nervous system; and endorphins, a hormone that reduces your perception of pain. Other factors affecting these chemicals include hormones and blood flow.

It is estimated that around 18% of American women and 6% of American men suffer from migraines.

Blood Flow to the Brain:

Blood vessels cramp up during a migraine attack, causing blood flow to slow down or stop completely, then dilate (expand) to allow more blood flow than usual into the brain. Irregularities in this cycle can lead to migraines.


Researchers have found that some people have migraines because they inherited mutations on specific genes from their parents. These genes affect how nerve cells communicate with each other.

Best Marijuana Strains For Migraines:

There are dozens of medical cannabis strains, and each one has a wealth of different uses. But, for the most part, these strains can be classified into 2 main categories: Indica and Sativa. While both Indica and Sativa strains can be used to treat headaches, their method of action is vastly different. We will explore each category in detail below.

Indica: Typically associated with a body high rather than a head high, indica strains are typically known for their ability to relax the mind and body. When treating migraines, indicas are often used to relieve pain and muscle spasms that accompany the headaches. They also have a sedative effect on the mind, which can help alleviate some of the stress associated with migraines.

Sativas: Known for their cerebral effects, sativa strains are often used to treat migraines by helping patients achieve an uplifting mood that alleviates anxiety and stress.

Below is a break down of the best strains for migraines so you can find relief!


With a THC content of between 15% and 24%, Flaming Lemons produces a complex combination of effects, with some users reporting an increase in focus and others an increase in happiness. Flaming lemons weed strain is popular among people with depression, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD because of its ability to help people focus and stay more attentive.

It’s also great for managing chronic pain and nausea because it relaxes muscles and suppresses the urge to vomit. Flaming lemons strain scent is a mix of fresh fruit and spice—a combination that will probably remind you of lemon meringue pie. Its taste is similar: sweet citrus with a hint of spice on the exhale.


Delta diamonds weed strain buds are dense and have an olive green color. You’ll also see some purple leaves when you look closely at the buds. There are a lot of trichomes on the buds, which means they’re super sticky and almost white in appearance. The high starts in the head, giving you feelings of euphoria and mental clarity alongside the physical relaxation. Flavor profile of this strain is earthy with notes of citrus, pine, and peppermint.

It’s one of those strains that will leave you wanting more after just one hit! Delta diamonds strain is great for anyone who suffers from chronic pain, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, or chronic back pain. It has a fairly high THC content, which means it will make you feel sleepy or tired after use. If you’re interested in using this strain to treat your pain symptoms, we recommend taking it at night so you can sleep


This strain’s THC content can vary from 20% to 25%, so novice smokers should proceed with caution. Candy chrome #27 weed strain is popular for those who suffer from chronic pain, as the high is pretty sedating, and it leaves you feeling relaxed and happy while also fighting pain with its indica properties. Users report feeling creative, euphoric, happy, and relaxed after consuming candy chrome #27 strain.

The strain gets its name from its smell: sweet and fruity with a hint of diesel fuel. It has a rich green color with deep purple hues on the leaves and buds, making it a pretty weed to look at as well. It’s strong enough to give you the effects you want, but subtle enough that it won’t leave you feeling too dazed or disconnected.


Bandits brew strain smells like pine and citrus and tastes like earthy citrus and sweet herbs. The high comes on slowly, starting with an uplifting feeling in the head, progressing into full-body relaxation, and ending with a deep sense of euphoria. This strain hit the scene in 2017, when it was awarded Best Specialty Sativa at the NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup. Since then, it’s been a go-to strain for many of those who enjoy its energizing effects and complex flavor profile.

Bandits brew weed strain is also known to reduce symptoms of depression, fatigue, headache/migraine, nausea/vomiting, muscle spasms/spasticity (especially in cases of multiple sclerosis), chronic pain (especially from arthritis), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This is a great daytime strain for those with low THC tolerances who are still looking to enjoy the uplifting effects of a sativa.


White recluse strain is a cross of two popular strains which makes it an excellent option for both casual users looking for pleasant relaxation and medical marijuana patients seeking relief from various ailments. This strain is not recommended for novice users since it can cause anxiety and paranoia in inexperienced consumers. The smell of this flower is very sweet, with notes of berry, lemon, and orange rinds. When smoked or vaporized, white recluse weed strain produces a very cerebral buzz that will leave you feeling relaxed but may also cause dry mouth and red eyes.

For medical marijuana patients suffering from insomnia, chronic stress and anxiety, depression, mood swings, muscle spasms, pain and inflammation, glaucoma, nausea, or loss of appetite due to chemotherapy or chronic illness will find this strain beneficial.


Insane Christmas lights strain is known for its ability to make users feel energized and alert, with a mood boost and an overall sense of well-being. The strain’s effects tend to be strong and fast-acting, giving users the ability to take on even the most daunting tasks with ease. We’d say this strain is best for those who are looking for a way to get through the final days of their work or school year with energy to spare. Also great for when you need to get some cleaning done around the house.

Let’s get into the flavor and aroma of this strain! It provides delightful notes of pine, lavender, and earthy skunk. There are also sweeter notes of vanilla and citrus in the flavor profile as well! If you’re looking for a sweetly scented strain to get you in the holiday spirit, then insane Christmas lights weed strain is the perfect choice for you!


Originally bred by a local Colorado company, helping patients with chronic pain. It is named after a combination of the words “dolce” meaning sweet in Italian and “menage” meaning home in French. The Dulce Menage strain is a powerful hybrid that utilizes the best of both its indica and sativa parents to help relieve chronic pain. The strain’s high THC content gives it a powerful punch, but its low CBD content keeps the high manageable and mellow, so you can go about your day without being debilitated.

This strain is great for getting things done around the house while still enjoying the pain relief that a strong indica would provide. The buds are dense and sticky, with a spicy floral aroma that is reminiscent of lavender, citrus, and earthy pine. You can expect the smoke from this strain to be smooth and creamy on the inhale, with a lingering sweet earth taste on the exhale.


If you are prone to migraines, this strain is our highest recommendation for you. Cherry zlushie strain acts as an effective analgesic (pain reliever) and can be used to treat depression, and insomnia. This is a hybrid strain that contains both indica and sativa effects. Although this strain will relax the user, it won’t leave them totally couch locked. It has an average THC content of 12%, so first-timers should approach with caution. This strain can be used at any time of day, but users should use their own judgement when deciding whether or not to smoke after work.

The buds are dense and bright green with purple undertones that become more pronounced as the plant matures. The flowers are also covered in orange hairs which give them an almost neon appearance when viewed under direct light sources such as fluorescent bulbs or sunlight through windows or doors! As with most, cherry zlushie weed strain can be used in a vape or as flower; if you’re using it medicinally, though, we recommend you stick to vaporizing it. This will help reduce your overall intake of carcinogens and other harmful compounds that are often released when smoking flower.


The strain’s name comes from its appearance. The buds are orange, yellow, pink, and purple, which gives the impression of a rainbow when seen together. It’s currently growing in popularity because it has been shown to be effective in treating migraines and other headaches. Indica-dominant hybrid that is revered for its unique aroma and flavor profile. Bright, vibrant smell that has notes of citrus and wildflowers. These fragrance carries over into the flavor profile as well.

Cadillac Rainbow strain sweet, clove-like flavor that is unlike almost any other cannabis strain in existence. To experience all the benefits of Cadillac rainbow weed strain, patients should consume it in any form they prefer—including smoking it or taking it in edible form. While consuming it in smoke form will have an instant effect on your body, eating it will take about 20 minutes for you to feel any effects.


The aroma has notes of berry and citrus with a sweet, earthy undertone. It’s a tad skunky, but it definitely doesn’t smell like you’re smoking a skunk. The smell of bompton berries strain is definitely noticeable to others around you, but not overpowering for those who are sensitive to cannabis odors. This strain not only tastes and smells great, but looks great too! It has large, dense buds that are fairly spherical in shape, and mostly green in coloration with deep purple accents bompton berries weed strain will help you ease into a deep sleep if your insomnia won’t let up.

It’s also great for helping with migraines or headaches—although it will give you the munchies so don’t be surprised if your headache goes away only to return because you just ate six bags of popcorn and an entire pizza by yourself It’s a heavy hitter, with THC levels that reach up to 25%, and it’s been known to induce powerful cerebral effects. Be careful with this strain if you are new to marijuana, but experienced users can indulge in it during the day without worry.

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