What Is The Most Giggly Strain?

What Chemicals Found In Cannabis Make You Laugh?

When you’re high, it’s not surprising that you might start laughing more than usual—and this could be because your brain has more dopamine available. We get high due to—delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol acid A (THCA-A)—which seems to make people feel happier and causes you to laugh more than usual. It also increases the amount of dopamine, chemical that is released when you feel pleasure, in your brain.

But there’s another possibility: laughter itself may stimulate dopamine release in the brain. In fact, some studies have shown that laughter causes endorphins to be released into the bloodstream—which would explain why people often feel better after a good laugh or two! If this is true, then it makes sense that smoking weed would increase both endorphins and dopamine levels in your body—and thus make it even easier for you to laugh.

Is Indica Or Sativa Better For Giggles?

While there are some differences between indica and sativa, the biggest on is its effects. Sativa dominance is more energetic and focused making it a great choice for daytime use. Indica dominance is more relaxing and sedating, making it ideal for nighttime use.

So which subspecies is best at making you laugh? We say it depends on what kind of laughter you’re looking for! If you’re looking for something that helps calm down your body and mind, indica giggles might be right up your alley. If you’re looking for something that will help you come up with some hilarious jokes, then maybe a sativa giggles would be better suited for you!

What Terpenes Make You Smile?

Cannabis has many components that affect our moods and emotions, some are not yet understood by science. One of these chemical is called terpenes, and they’re responsible for the smell of each marijuana strain. Limonene and pinene terpenes in hybrids actually make us feel happy, while others leave us feeling relaxed and calm. Some happy terpenes for in cannabis include:

Alpha-Pinene a monoterpene and one of the most important components of many essential oils. It has a pine-like odor, and is found in large quantities in coniferous trees, many herbs, and some fruits. It’s a popular anti-inflammatory agent, aids in pain relief and relaxation and promotes happy thoughts and laughter.

Beta-Pinene a hydrocarbon found in many coniferous trees. It is produced by the oxidation of isoprene and also occurs in thermogenic plant emissions. The name “pinene” comes from the Greek word “pinea” meaning fir tree and is said to contribute to ones ability to smile.

Limonene a colorless liquid hydrocarbon found in many marijuana plants. It’s used in a variety of commercial applications, including fragrances and cleaning products, as well as personal care.

What Strain Makes You Happy Laugh?

Chem dawg is an indica leaning hybrid (55%Indica/45%Sativa) crossing Thai x Nepalese created in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead tour. Infamous for high THC levels and low CBD content. Buds are covered in trichomes that give it a thick coat of crystals. The aroma of Chem dawg is earthy with hints of pine and citrus, while the taste is similar but with more pine. Effects are both uplifting and relaxing, making it an ideal choice for daytime use.

Liberty Haze is a hybrid strain (50%Sativa/50%Indica) crossing G13 x Chemdawg created by Barneys Farm. Winner of the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup with THC levels of 15%-21%. High comes on fast and hard, bringing a rush of energy that makes you feel like you can take on the world. It lasts for about two hours before it starts to fade away into a relaxed state where you’ll feel like you’re floating on clouds. This one definitely makes you happy laugh with the munchies. Liberty Haze has a thick smoke that coats your throat with very pungent earthy and woody undertones

Durban Poison is a pure sativa landrace strain (100%Sativa/0%Indica) crossing African sativa strains bred by Frank Rosenthal and Sam the Skunkman with high THC content and low CBD%. Effects are said to be potent (and you may want to consider taking it easy on this one if you’re new to smoking). Durban Poison high can last up to two hours with an uplifting buzz that’ll leave you feeling motivated and productive—perfect for getting stuff done during your downtime!

What Strain Makes You Laugh Uncontrollably?

OG Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid (70%Indica/30%Sativa) crossing Chemdawg x Hindu Kush created in Florida by Matt Berger and bred by DNA genetics. The name “OG” stands for “Ocean Grown,” which refers to the cultivation method used. This flower comes in at 20%-25% THC levels and CBD<1%. Came in second at 2011 Hydro Spannabis Barcelona. OG Kush has a pungent musky aroma with earthy undertones that follows through in its flavor. Known for its heavy body effects, which are followed by a deep sense of relaxation. Because this bud has such potent effects, it’s best used at night or when you have time to fully relax and enjoy its full benefits.

Black diamond is a indica-dominant hybrid (70%Indica/30%Sativa) crossing Blackberry x Diamond OG, a phenotype of the OG Kush family created in California. has an aroma of pine, citrus, and black pepper. Taste is similar to the scent with a hint of mint on the exhale. The effects of black diamond are best described as full-body relaxation, with a deep sense of peace and tranquility. It may also help with depression, anxiety, and blood flow.

Blue diesel is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (60%Indica/40%Sativa) crossing Blueberry x NYC Diesel weed strains bred by Jordan of the Islands and producing average THC percentage at 16%-23%. The high from blue diesel comes on quickly and lasts for hours. It starts off with a tingly sensation in your head that spreads throughout your body as you get higher. It produces a sensation of euphoria along with an increase in energy levels. This bud really makes you laugh uncontrollably and is often recommended for patients who are suffering from muscle spasms and chronic pain.

What Strain Makes You Giggle The Most?

Green crack is a sativa-dominant hybrid (65%Sativa/35%Indica) crossing Skunk #1 x Afghani landrace created in Athens, GA in the 1970s. Named Kush by Cecil C and later renamed by Snoop Dogg. Won 3rd place at High Times Cannabis Cup 2015 for Best Sativa. Strong citrus aroma and flavor that’s reminiscent of lime, sour diesel and skunk. Green crack produces an energetic head high that is perfect for daytime use. It uplifts your mood as well as your energy levels. The body buzz starts out slowly but quickly builds up to an intense sensation that lasts for several hours. This flower made us giggle the most.

Laughing buddha is an sativa-dominant hybrid strain (75%Sativa/25%Indica) crossing Jamaican x Thai weed strains bred by Amsterdam-based Barney’s Farm with THC percentage 16%-18% and average CBD. 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup award-winning best sativa strain. Known for its earthy aroma and taste, which are accented by notes of pine and citrus. The effects of Laughing buddha are somewhat milder than those you might expect from other flowers, but they’re still potent enough to help relieve pain and anxiety.

Kosher kush is a pure indica strain, a direct descendant of the OG kush family. 2010, 2011 and 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup award winner for best indica. Can be found in various formats, including flower, concentrates, edibles, and tinctures. Kosher kush became increasingly popular in recent years due to its potent effects, which can last anywhere from two to four hours. Sharp pine taste that can linger on your tongue. You’ll feel like you’re floating on air as your body melts into the couch.

Best Weed Strains To Make You Laugh – 2022 Must Tries

Sweet Diesel is a 100% pure sativa strain crossing OG Kush and Sour Diesel bred by Raw Gardens. The THC content is 10% – 18% with CBD% below 1%. Named after its sweet, earthy aroma and diesel-like taste. Sweet Diesel is great for daytime use, as it provides an uplifting, energetic high that can help with focus and relieve anxiety and stress. It can also be used at night when the effects are more relaxing and sedative.

Church OG is an evenly balanced-hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) crossing God’s Gift x OG Kush bred by Beaver seed. Aka Church, Church Kush, Church OG Kush has a THC content of 19% and average CBD & CBN percentage. Aroma is earthy with hints of pine and citrus fruit; however, its taste is sweet with notes of spicy peppermint. The effects of Church OG are uplifting and energetic, making it perfect for daytime use or any other activity that requires focus and attention to detail.

Wedding crasher is a sativa-dominant hybrid (70%Sativa/30%Indica) crossing Purple Punch x Wedding Cake bred by symbiotic genetics. Known as Wedding Crashers or Part crasher weed with average THC levels of (18%-20%) with CBD at <1%. We thought that this was the best variety to make you laugh in 2022. Has a pungent, earthy aroma with notes of pine. The taste is similar to its smell, only a bit sweeter. Wedding Crasher produces a clear-headed, energetic high that can help you to stay focused. The buds are medium sized, green and covered in orange hairs and white crystal trichome resin.