Banana Punch Strain

BANANA PUNCH CANNABIS STRAIN:Everything there is about this potent flower
PARENT STRAINS:Cross of banana og with purple strains
FULL bodied EFFECTS:Body high | cerebral buzz | couch lock | head high
SMELL:Rich banana kush | grape Kool-Aid | fruity mentos
TERPENE PROFILE:Myrcene | Caryophyllene | Limonene | Alpa Pinene
TASTE:Pineapple | ripe bananas | tropical | spicy berry
ready for HARVEST:Late September
average THC percentage:18%-26%
INDICA or SATIVA:50/50 hybrid strain
INDOOR YIELD:14 oz/ m2
OUTDOOR YIELD:18 oz per plant
SIMILAR varieties:Power punch

What Strain Is Banana Punch?

Is Banana Punch Indica Or Sativa?

Banana punch is an evenly balanced hybrid marijuana strain (50%Indica/50%Sativa) with a high THC levels and low CBD content. Banana Punch weed offers a sweet, tropical scent with hints of banana flavors and fruity overtones. Effects from this heavy hit dessert strain are very uplifting and energetic. Best used during the day when you want to feel more motivated and productive, but not necessarily sedated or sleepy. You may also notice that your mood improves, making it an excellent choice for those looking to manage migraines or inflammation.

Banana Punch Strain Info:

  • balanced hybrid strain
  • 50%indica/50%sativa
  • 18% to 26% THC
  • CBD 1%

Banana Punch Strain Genetics:

Lineage is said to be a cross between indica dominant strains of banana og and purple punch bred by Symbiotic Genetics.


Grows small dense grape shaped dark green flower buds with big calyxes boasting lots of green leaves. Olive green buds in the sea of green and purple sugar leaves are covered with white crystal trichomes and dark orange hairs.


The flavor of banana is rich with spicy berry and sweet tropical overtones overpowering on exhale. The amazing taste of banana punch weed is described by experienced users as pineapple like with strong undertones of pine and tart berries.


Offers a delicious deep pungently sour citrus and a hint of rich banana. Expect a bit of fruity aroma accented an oder that is reminiscent of grape Kool-Aid mixed with wood according to experienced smokers.

Banana Punch Strain Effects:

This cannabis hits most users with sedating effects and full body relaxation head to toe. The punch is light with a sense of a euphoric body high and focus that’s pain free head to toe. A mix of energetic happiness mixed with joy inducing a sense of calm and focus. Leaves you happy and lifted for hours easing consumers into a spacey calmness with relaxing effects. Munchies can strike after a long day so make sure snacks are in reach. Dry eyes and dry mouth are negative side effects of so have some eye drops and drinks ready.


Medical marijuana is known to relieve symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. Reviewed as a best strain for bipolar disorder while the full body high can help with chronic pain and muscle spasm. These are suggestions and are not intended to treat or as professional medical advice.


  • Chronic Stress
  • Pain Relief
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite Loss

Banana Punch Strain Grow Info:

Seeds can be grown both indoor and outdoors especially in a tent. Banana punch strain flowering time is 7-8 weeks, with outdoor harvest time coming in late September. Flowers are dense and sticky with trichomes that cover its buds like snowflakes on a tree branch. The indoor yield is 14 ounces per square meter and a high outdoor yield of up to 18 ounces per plant. For best results we recommended indoor growing for this particular marijuana plant.


  • indoor yield is 14 ounces per square meter
  • outdoor yield is up 18 ounces or more per plant

We advise consulting the cannabis community for more grow tips.