Cherry Cookies Strain

CHERRY COOKIES CANNABIS STRAIN:Everything about this potent flower
PARENT STRAINS:Crossed Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies F2 strains
FULL bodied EFFECTS:Body high | cerebral buzz | couch lock | head high
SMELL:Berry | Cherry | Earthy | Floral
TERPENE PROFILE:B-caryophyllene | B-myrcene
TASTE:Fruity | Sweet | Tangy | Woody
FLOWERING TIME:9 to 10 weeks
ready for HARVEST:End of October
average THC CONTENT%14% to 23%
INDICA or SATIVA:70/30 indica strain
INDOOR YIELD:16 oz/ m2
OUTDOOR YIELD:18 oz per plant
SIMILAR varieties:Black cherry cookies strain

What Strain Is Cherry Cookies?

Cherry Cookies Indica Or Sativa?

Cherry cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain (70%Indica/30%Sativa) with high THC content and low CBD. A true classic strain in the modern era without being too overbearing in terms of flavor or intensity like some other strains can be. Notes of cherry cookies smell is complemented by sugary sweet undertones that leave smokers feeling tasty! Wonderful choice when considering any state of mind–or lack thereof–to keep the day running smoothly without interruptions along the way!

Cherry Cookies Strain Info:

  • indica dominant hybrid strain
  • 30% sativa / 70% indica
  • 14% – 23% thc tolerance
  • CBD 1%

Cherry Cookies Strain Genetics:

The lineage is said to be a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and perennial favorite Cherry Pie weed strains created by Purple Caper Seeds. Derived by extremely popular product of girl scout cookies family in Northern California.


The flower structure is fluffy with exceptionally large in size forest green nugs that are entwined in bright orange pistils and covered with a coating of tiny white trichomes resin. Leaves show pigmentation from the cold temperatures.


Fruity, earthy and sweet all in one, cherry cookies weed brings together sour cherry flavor on the inhale with a powerful pine taste. A long exhale of skunky sweetness will leave you wanting more. The potency is low and is perfect for those just starting to buy weed online.


The aroma of cherry cookies weed strain takes pungent earthy turn, bringing in florals and rich sweet berries. One thing is for sure, you’ll be reaching for more than one.

Cherry Cookies Strain Effects:

A well-balanced body buzz and uplift mix, perfect for those with a creative or analytical mind set. With a high that comes on quickly and lasts longer than most others, this strain will have you feeling relaxed and proactively engaged with uncommon creativity, clear focus and free association. Enjoy this milder hybrid with serious bag appeal from morning to night Dry eyes and dry mouth are negative side effects, so have some eye drops and drinks ready.


Boost energy levels when applied as an early treatment for chronic pains and muscle spasms. Scout cookies has proven that it can help to create momentum for productivity before noon. Even after its brief sedative effects wear off in the evening hours, this potent indica has you feeling calm enough to tackle any aches and pains. These are suggestions and are not intended as professional medical advice.


  • Chronic Stress
  • Pain Relief
  • Appetite Loss
  • Fatigue

Cherry Cookies Strain Grow Info:

Plants can be grown indoors and outdoor, mostly having a flowering period 9-10 weeks, with outdoor harvest time coming in end of October. The hybrid genetics are prominent when you grow cherry cookies strain seeds with good yields of 16 oz per square meter and outdoor yield of up to 18 oz/ per plant. These seeds like warm climate with daytime temperatures of 80 to 85.


  • indoor yield is 16 ounces per square meter
  • outdoor yield is 18 ounces per plant

We advise consulting the cannabis community for more grow tips.