Space Bomb Strain

SPACE BOMB CANNABIS STRAINS:All about this potent strain including growing practices.
PARENT STRAINS:Crossed Space Queen with Tiny Bomb strains.
EFFECTS:Body high | cerebral buzz | couch lock | head high |
MEDICAL CONDITIONS:Chronic stress | Pain relief | Muscle Spasms | Appetite Loss |
SMELL:Candy | Fruity | Sweet |
TERPENE PROFILE:Myrcene | Caryophyllene | Limonene | Alpa Pinene
TASTE:Tropical | Woody |
INDOOR YIELD:23 oz/ m2
OUTDOOR YIELD:26 oz/ plant.
SIMILAR STRAINS:Space buns strain.

Space Bomb Strain Review:

space bomb strain indica or sativa

What Strain Is Space Bomb?

Space bomb is a sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain (60%Sativa/40%Indica) created with high THC levels and a low CBD content. This high times cannabis cup flower is mostly found in dispensaries in Pacific Northwest, Michigan, and Colorado. Space bomb strain tastes fruity and sweet, with a sweet candy smell. The effects are typically strongly euphoric, leaving people feeling absolutely blissed out after just a few hits. Known to be very potent and will quickly cause a heavy body high accompanied by couch-lock and laziness. It’s one of the most popular strains among medical marijuana users for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Space Bomb Strain Info:

The lineage of this clone only plant is a cross between Space Queen and Tiny Bomb weed strains bred by tga subcool seeds.


  • Space Queen x Tiny Bomb strains


Small to medium sized, oval shaped green buds with orange hairs and a frosty layer of white trichomes crystal resin. The flower nugs are covered in dull yellow and deep purple leaves.


When you take your first puff, you’ll be hit with an earthy flavor that almost tastes like diesel. You’ll notice a citrus undertone that comes through after a few hits.


The sativa aroma is very earthy with a spicy grape overtone that turns skunky. Space bomb weed strain smoke is smooth but pungent, so make sure to smoke it somewhere where you won’t be offending anybody!

Space Bomb Strain Effects:

Strain that has earned its name. Like a bomb from space, it will hit you hard and fast with energy and euphoria. Within 15 minutes of smoking, users report feeling a strong sativa boost that will keep them going for hours. Users report feeling more motivated than usual when consuming this strain. Because of cross-breeding, it has properties from both sides of the spectrum. Dry red eyes and dry mouth are negative side effects so have some eye drops and drinks ready.


Users claim that this medical cannabis strain can cause intense giggles, making it a popular choice for those seeking relief from depression or anxiety. It can also be used to treat chronic pain, fatigue, stress, insomnia, and lack of appetite. Some people use this strain to help them sleep if they have trouble falling asleep at night due to insomnia. These are suggestions and are not intended as professional medical advice.

Space Bomb Strain Grow Info:

Marijuana seed can be grown indoors and outdoors with soil or hydroponics. The flowering period is 8-9 weeks and an outdoor harvest time coming in mid October. Growing marijuana indoors yields twenty three ounces per square meter and an outdoors harvest of twenty six ounces per plant. For high yield its recommended to grow space bomb seeds in warm and humid temperature ranges.


  • indoor yield is 23 ounces per square meter
  • outdoor yield is 26 ounces per plant

We advise consulting the cannabis community for more grow tips.

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