Grandi Candi Strain

Is Grandi Candi Strain Indica Or Sativa?

Grandi Candi is a balanced hybrid strain (50%Sativa/50%Indica) that has been generating a lot of buzz recently. This innovative flower offers a unique combination of effects and flavors that is sure to captivate even the most seasoned cannabis connoisseurs. In this article, we will delve into the rich history and characteristics of Grandi Candi strain, exploring its origins and cultivation techniques. Research also suggests that this flower can have therapeutic properties such as pain relief, stress reduction, and appetite stimulation.

What Strain Is Grandi Candi?

The lineage is a cross between Lemon Cherry Gelato with E85 and Doggie Bag marijuana strain created by Oakland’s Grandiflora Genetics


  • Lemon Cherry Gelato x E85 x Doggie Bag


Buds are dense and compact, with a deep green color that is accentuated by purple hues. Nugs are medium in size with orange hairs and amber trichomes.


With a potent blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, this bud boasts a complex flavor profile that combines hints of fruitiness with earth. These undertones add an enjoyable sweetness to the smoking or vaping experience. Grandi Candi weed strain aroma alone can transport you to a tropical paradise, making it highly sought after by those who crave novelty in their smoking experience.

Potency & Effects:

One of the primary effects of Grandi Candi wee strain is an uplifted mood. Additionally, it has been noted to enhance focus and concentration, allowing you to delve deep into work with heightened productivity. The indica genetics within this strain contribute to a soothing body high, melting away tension and promoting tranquility. Dry eyes and dry mouth are negative side effect so have some eye drops and drinks ready. These are suggestions and are not intended as professional medical advice.

Grow Journal:

Flourish in temperate climates, although it can be successfully cultivated both indoor and outdoor with proper care. Growers must exercise patience and vigilance, closely monitoring factors such as light exposure, nutrient levels, and humidity to ensure a successful outcome. Pruning and training techniques can also be employed to enhance bud development and overall plant structure. Grandi Candi Strain flowering time is 8-9 weeks with outdoor harvest coming in mid October. Additionally, controlling relative humidity levels between 40-50% during vegetation and reducing it to about 30-40% during flowering helps prevent mold formation. We advise consulting the cannabis community for more grow tips.

Grandi Candi Strain Info:

parent strains: crossed lemon cherry gelato and e85 with doggie bag
bred by: grandiflora genetics
indica or sativa: 50/50 hybrid
average thc content% 15-20%
cbd levels% <1%
terpenes: limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene
cultivation: easy to grow
flowering time: 8-9 weeks
ready for harvest: mid october
indoor yield: 16 oz/ m2
outdoor yield: 18 oz/ plant