Gorilla Snacks Strain

What Strain Is Gorilla Snacks Indica Or Sativa?

Gorilla snacks is a balanced hybrid strain (50%Indica/50%Sativa) producing high THC levels and a low CBD content. Available in dried flower form, as well as pre-rolled joints, at many dispensaries in United States. Delivers a strong aroma of pungent pine that lingers in your nose for quite some time after smoking, but never gets too overpowering or bitter. Recommended for patients who suffer from ADHD or ADD because it helps you stay focused on the task at hand without getting distracted easily by other things around them. Smoking gorilla snacks strain is a great choice for both recreational use and medical purposes. Not recommended for novice smokers or those who have low tolerance levels for a powerful buzz.

Gorilla Snacks Strain Info:

The lineage is a mixture of gg4 and guinness weed strains bred by Heroes of The Farm. Don’t get it confused with another popular strain under the name of scooby snacks.



Nugs are light green with darker orange hairs throughout and an abundance of white trichomes crystal resin. Flower buds are covered in yellow and purple leaves.


The flavor profile of this cannabis strain is unique and hard to describe, but most people agree that it tastes like berries and chocolate. Smoke tends to be smooth and mild, but some people report experiencing a slight chemical aftertaste, especially when exhaling through their mouth. Smell is pungent with notes of pine herbs and sweetness.

Gorilla Snacks Strain Effects:

Lasts anywhere from two to four hours depending on how much you consume and how your body reacts to it. Effects are uplifting and euphoric. These resinous strains can cause feelings of elation and happiness alongside increased energy levels, making it a good choice for those who need help getting work done or simply want to enjoy the day with positive emotions. Dry eyes and dry mouth are negative side effects so have some eye drops and drinks ready.


Patients may find that this medical cannabis helps reduce stress levels by calming their minds and decrease appetite loss. It also has sedative properties that make it great for treating insomnia. Effective against muscle spasms from fibromyalgia or other anti inflammatory conditions that cause chronic pain due to muscle tension (such as TMJ). These are suggestions and are not intended as health care or professional medical advice.

Gorilla Snacks Seeds Grow Journal:

Plant tends to grow tall with long branches that produce large amounts of flower. If you live in an area where it gets cold during the winter months, you should consider growing this plant indoors or under lights. It needs an average amount of nutrients and care during the flowering stage but will reward you with a good yield if you take care of it properly. Gorilla snacks flowering time is 8-9 weeks and an outdoor harvest of mid October. The yield is twenty one ounces per square meter with an outdoor yield of twenty three ounces per plant. Gorilla snacks cannabis seeds are fairly mold bug resistant and easy to grow. Suitable for the Sea of Green growing methods. We advise consulting the cannabis community for more grow tips.